March 2022

  • Our article "A hybrid NDN-IP Architecture for Live Video Streaming: From Host-based to Content-based delivery to Improve QoE" has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Semantic Computing

  • Our paper "Automating Edge-to-cloud Workflows for Science: Traversing the Edge-to-cloud Continuum with Pegasus" has been accepted at the CCGrid Cloud2Things Workshop

  • Our paper "An Information Centric Framework for Weather Sensing Data" has been accepted at the IEEE ICC RAFNET Workshop.

  • The College of Engineering receives $10M gift from Jerome and Linda Paros building upon the Center for Callaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere

February 2022

  • Our paper on "Network Attached FPGAs in the Open Cloud Testbed (OCT)" has been accepted at the INFOCOM CNERT Workshop

December 2021

  • Our paper on super resolution for 360-degree video streaming won the Best Student Paper Award at IEEE ISM 2021

  • Our paper on NDN-support live streaming was selected for the best paper session at IEEE ISM 2021

  • Article on FPGAs in the Cloud published in IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering.

October 2021

  • New NSF Award on enabling P4 in national testbeds

  • Two papers accepted at IEEE ISM 2021

  • Our paper was accepted at ACM UCC 2021