Paros Professor of Geophysical Sensing Systems
University of Massachusetts Amherst
College of Engineering
Department of Computer in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Address: 151 Holdsworth Way, Amherst, MA 01003
Office:  Knowles  213 B
Phone:  +1-413-545-4465

My research is focused on three major areas with the goal to address fundamental problems in distributed systems. In the first area, my research addresses the issue of the efficient and scalable distribution of multimedia content in today's Internet and future Internet architectures.  The design and evaluation of future Internet architectures is addressed in the second research area. The third area focuses on the design of large-scale sensor networks for weather warning and prediction.  I have pursued research goals in all three areas through a series of projects, which I either led as single investigator, principal investigator of collaborative projects, and Co-PI of large collaborative projects. Overall, my research resulted in experimental prototypes (CASA & PCAR), large-scale future Internet architecture testbeds (GENI, CloudLab, OCT), and numerous publications in high-quality peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

Multimedia Systems

In the area of Multimedia System, my research is focused on several areas, which are all motivated by the increasing popularity of video streaming in the Internet and the challenges that arise from that increase in popularity. My research goal in this area is to devise scalable streaming solutions that provide a high Quality of Experience (QoE) for the viewer. I started research in this area during my PhD and have since continuously worked on several aspects of scalable multimedia distribution. 

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Future Internet Architectures

In the area of future Internet architectures, I have focused my work on the creation of testbeds to enable research on new architectures and used such testbed for my own research. I have been involved in the NSF GENI, NSFCloud, and NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure initiatives. In addition, I have been involved in international collaborations with the Fed4Fire initiative in Europe.

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Large-Scale Sensor Networks

In this area, my work focuses on large-scale sensor networks for severe weather warning and prediction. This includes research on Sensor Network Virtualization, Communication Resilience, and Computation Resilience. Results that stem from my research in this area have the goal to support and improve geophysical sensing systems. This includes the detection of natural and human-created infrasound, which is i.e. emitted by tornadoes, earthquakes & tsunamis, wind farms, and airplanes.

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